Screen time management offered in iPhone update

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(WAND) – Features in the latest iPhone update are focused on cutting down the time people spend on their smartphones.

NBC News reports iOS 12 will give people the option to track time phones are used with a special dashboard. In order to avoid going overboard, people will be able to set alarms reminding them when the time they allot themselves for an app is about to run out. Users will be able to see the amount of time spent in each app and total iPhone usage.

In another feature, notifications will be grouped, meaning fewer of them will flood iPhone home screens. An optional “do not disturb” mode will allow people to shut off notifications completely when they’re trying to sleep.

NBC News also says the Apple stocks app will be streamlined to change how people see why certain companies are performing better than others.

Finally, Apple introduced “Memoji”, a feature that will let people make custom emojis based on how they look and pick from a selection of expressions before sending a message.

A release date for iOS 12 is unknown at this time.

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