Scammer claims to be with sheriff's office, asks for money

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SANGAMON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) – A scammer is pretending to work in the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office when asking for money.

Deputies say the person claims to be Mike Walton from the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Records Division when they ask for money or gift cards. They say the person is pretending to be Walton, who is a real employee in the department.

The scammer tells people the call is real, because the number showing up on the caller ID is (217)753-6666/ That number is the actual non-emergency line to reach the sheriff’s office. Deputies say the person is using a process called “spoofing”, which lets them change the number that appears to show anything.  

Sangamon County deputies are reminding people that they would never solicit money.

Victims of this scam are asked to call the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office at (217)753-6666.

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