ISP: Casey could be responsible for more slingshot incidents


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) – Police are continuing to investigate if slingshot-related incidents on Interstate 74 are connected to cases in other states.

Kevin L. Casey, was arrested on Friday after he was connected to 45 incidents where vehicle windows were shattered in Champaign, Dewitt, Piatt and Vermillion counties. Police say Casey used a slingshot and metal balls to break the windows.

Illinois State Police say they will inspect the trucking log of Casey to see if he could be connected to similar cases in Indiana and West Virginia

ISP said they’ve spoken with officers in Boone County, Ind. Where there are at least nine incidents where vehicles were damaged on I-65 between March 31 and May 24.

The cases happened on both northbound and southbound I-65. All were between mile marker 138 and 71st Street.

Over the past two months there have been reports of damage on I-64 in the Dunbar and South Charleston areas.

Police are working to compare the incidents to see if Casey might be responsible for them.

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