WW II veterans honored with D-Day anniversary lunch


Decatur, Ill (WAND) – Veterans were honored Wednesday at the Decatur Club on the 74th anniversary of D-Day.

Among the veterans honored were several who served in World War II.  Living veterans from that war are now mostly in their 90s. 

Military Collector Frank Hubbard brought his collection of WW II artifacts and memorabilia to the club for the veterans to see and they were impressed.

“It’s amazing how he could collect all that stuff,” said WW II veteran Tom Bowman, age 94.  “I don’t know where he got it all.”

“I put ads in the paper.  By word of mouth.  By doing collections like this.  I interact and trade with people.  I go to antique stores,” Hubbard told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “I used to have a bullpen of sorts of World War II veterans that would come here and I have several of their personal items and they have passed on.”

Among those attending the lunch was Carl Jacobs, 92, of Decatur.  Jacobs served as a navigator in the Air Force.  On September 2, 1945 Jacobs was in a B-29 flying over the USS Missouri as the Japanese stood on the deck signing surrender papers.

“We were flying over and we tilted our plane so we could look down and we saw them writing and we saw the day that the Japs were signing peace,” Jacobs stated.

Hubbard says some of the items in his collection were likely used on D-Day, June 6, 1944.  His collection includes items which were used during the war by the United States, Russia, Japan and Germany.

Hubbard also has a collection of Vietnam War memorabilia. 

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