Springfield comic book store hosts writers and artist network event


SPRINGFIELD, ILL (WAND) - It's possible the next: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby or Bill Finger lives in Central Illinois. That's why Jim Lesniak hopes the first ever 'comic creator meet up' will point him to the right person. He's a comic retailer and he's interested in looking for local talent. He explained to WAND, if he's interested in someone's work, he'll want to buy their work for others to see.

"I want to see something that has their own personal touch to it," Lesniak said.

The idea of having a networking event for writers and artist started when Jacob Bouvet, a writer himself, wanted to create a space where he and those who share similar interest can work together. The love of graphic novels brought them together. Bouvet said it can be challenge to grow when working alone.

"You are kind of trapped in your house sometimes, especially if you're an artist," Bouvet said.

From work inspired by the silver age of comics (the 1960s) to the abstract work of Japanese storytelling. More than a dozen Illinoisans met for the first time and worked on building their craft. Since the first turn out was a success, there's plan for another one.

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