Urbana couple faces charges after house fire reveals pot-growing operation


URBANA, Ill. (WAND) - An Urbana couple is facing charges of growing marijuana after their house caught fire.

29-year-old Vincent Durso and 24-year-old Maggie Durso of the 1200 block of Berkley Ave. were arraigned Wednesday and face charges of possession of more than 2,000 grams of cannabis and possession of more than five cannabis sativa plants.

Their house caught fire May 1, and flames could be seen coming from a basement window.

When the fire was put out, firefighters found the grow operation in the basement. They said there were eight plants and grow lights.

What was left of the grow operation was seized by police, including several bags of finished cannabis and hash oil.

Durso told investigators his late mother suffered from cancer, and he grew marijuana to help her, because she could not afford medical marijuana.

Two dogs were rescued from the fire, but a cat died.

The Dursos have been allowed to remain free on their own recognizance and are due back in court Aug. 7.

The couple was not home when the fire started .

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