Bill looks to stop 'predatory' credit card advertising

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Photo from NBC Dallas-Fort Worth Photo from NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – A bill is focused on stopping “predatory” credit card marketing aimed at college students.

Rep. Sue Scherer (D) sponsors House Bill 4710, which would create a task force to look into how credit card companies are advertising on college campuses. Her office says the bill came into focus because of high student debt in Illinois.

“This ball passed out of the senate on a unanimous vote,” Scherer said. “That’s reflective of the effort put into this bill and the compromise we worked out.”

Scherer says the eight-person College Student Credit Card Marketing and Debt Task Force will collect information to help her put together another bill to protect students from gaining higher credit card debt.

Anyone with questions about this bill is asked to call Rep. Scherer’s constituent service office at (217)877-9636 or email

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