Rose: State to reopen Eagle Creek bid process


Findlay, Ill (WAND) – State Senator Chapin Rose, (R) Mahomet, says he expects bids to reopen for a new resort at Eagle Creek on Lake Shelbyville.

The current Eagle Creek Resort was closed under a court order in 2009 due to a mold issue.  It had 138 rooms, pools and a conference center.  The building has been stripped down to it studs with walls and plumbing removed.  A 2016 report estimated it would cost $17.8 million to repair or replace the facility.  It is expected to eventually be demolished.

Bids for a new resort were accepted in recent months.  However, only one bid was received and did not meet specifications.  The bid has been rejected but it’s hoped that bidder will try again.

A new resort will likely be smaller in scope and will be constructed without using taxpayer dollars.

Shelbyville in Shelby County and Sullivan in Moultrie County have stated in recent years that sales tax revenue fell off dramatically when the Eagle Creek Resort was closed in 2009.  It originally opened in 1988.

(Pictured: WAND photo of Eagle Creek resort in 2016)

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