Poor People's Campaign advocates march in Springfield


(SPRINGFIELD, ILL) WAND - Aiesha Meadows works in the fast-food industry, but for the past three years, she's been on a mission to get Illinois law makers to change the state minimum wage. Her problem is having to rely on government assistance to get by. At the same time, she's raising a daughter.

"I'm making $11.75, I cannot make a living off that," Meadows said. "I have bills. The 11 minimum dollar is not doing it."

For five weeks, she and dozens of advocates with the 'Poor People's Campaign' hope their demand for $15 is heard loud and clear. They've marched from the state capital's building to the governor's mansion. Illinois' state minimum wage is $8.25. In 2017, Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill that would have raised the state minimum to $15 by 2022. He said [in part] raising it to $15 would "hurt the very individuals it seeks to help."

At last check, 18 states have increased its minimum wages. The highest paid is at SeaTac, Washington, $15.64, for hospitality and transportation employees. However, Meadows isn't giving up, her fight for $15 doesn't end at a veto.

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