Springfield airport sees major upgrades

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Airport Authority for the Abraham Lincoln Capitol Airport announced its plans for new renovations.  

Improvements to the facility have been in the works for years. The airport says the business area will be completely remodeled, and it will expand the parking lot. 

Executive director of Springfield Airport Authority, Mark Hanna, says most of the airport's structure is 70 years old.

"Environmental condition, time and wear and tear of the operation is taking its toll on the facilities," Hanna said.

Construction on the projects began today. The airport currently has three parking lots. It plans to merge lots A and B together to create 225 more parking spaces. 

"The roadway will make it easier for passengers to access the airport terminal complex and provide additional parking," Hanna says. 

In 2012, an IDOT Economic Impact study showed the airport generates $5 million in total economic output annually. The airport also impacts almost 5,000 jobs. 

The roadway work will be completed this fall and the building project is set to finish in fall of 2019. 

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