Projects receiving funding after years of waiting


Clinton, Ill (WAND) – After years of wrangling over the Illinois budget lawmakers are finally delivering checks for long awaited projects.

While major projects garner the headlines it’s hundreds of smaller projects which were shoved to the back burner and not funded in recent years.  An example is the DeWitt County Friendship Center. 

State Representative Bill Mitchell, (R) Forsyth, came to the center with a ceremonial check for $100,000.  Senior citizens, on-hand for an afternoon of bingo, were told the money will be used to expand the centers parking lot.  Just how long was this project in the works?  Mitchell says it was originally part of the 2009 capital budget. 

A small amount compared to the millions of dollars used for many projects it will allow the center to add an additional 38 parking spaces so they don’t have to park in nearby streets.

It’s projects like this which will have lawmakers busy all summer cutting ribbons and presenting oversized cardboard checks. 

The new fiscal year starts July 1st.   

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