Vermilion Co. works to open daytime shelter for homeless


DANVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - Vermilion County is looking to open a daytime shelter for homeless people.

There are already night options for the homeless, but the group The Dwelling Place of Vermilion County is working on a drop-in center in Danville.

Homeless people would be able to connect with others and get opportunities to improve their lives.

The hope is to have The Dwelling Place open by the end of next year.

The group already started Essentially Basic, a pantry offering personal hygiene and household care products for the needy.

The Dwelling Place will let the homeless get off the street during the day, get out of bad weather, have a shower, do laundry, and have a snack. 

There will also be a computer they can used to look for a job, educational opportunities, and connect with family through email or social media.

The board is looking for a facility now. The hope is it would be in the downtown area and be easily accessible along the city bus line. 

They are also working on a fundraiser where a $1,000 gift card and two $100 gift cards from Meijer will be raffled off in August.

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