City denies cover-up, excessive force accusations

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) – Champaign leaders are denying that police used excessive force against a man who filed a lawsuit.

Alton Corey, 62, was confronted by police on the night of Oct. 17, 2017. Police reported a woman called claiming Corey threw her things into a hallway and battered her.

Police say Corey first tried to close the door on them, then became agitated when an officer asked him to look at him. They say Corey then charged them with his hands up, at which point police tried to take him to the ground. Corey’s face hit a door on the other side of the apartment complex hallway.

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Law firm Nathan and Kamionski LLP filed the lawsuit on Corey’s behalf, claiming police used an “unreasonable” amount of excessive force and then covered it up. The suit accuses police of making a “false report” against Corey and planning to “falsely arrest” him at the scene of his injury.

The paper says a Tuesday court filing by the city said police used the right amount of force. They called Corey’s actions “unruly” and “negligent”, adding that he was “continuing to struggle”.

Filings and hearings will require both sides to be in court on July 20.

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