Macon County closer to solar farming


DECATUR, Ill- (WAND) It didn't take long for Macon County board members to make a decision on having solar farms. The majority of them agreed that Sol America Energy, the company wanting to make a solar farm, met the requirements.

Tim Dudley, the vice chairman of the Macon county board, said the company had to get a special use permit. The permit was to work on certain property that's not agricultural. 

"We're really excited about solar energy in Macon county," Dudley said.

The vice chairman said the area had to be "500 foot setbacks", which shouldn't interfere with residential customers. When asked what's next for the energy,

Dudley said the energy company is free to "get a permit and move forward and build their solar farm". He said the goal was to have Macon County move away from using fossil fuels and Illinois is just right for progressive farming. 

"Sol Energy will bring in solar panels," Dudley said. "They will connect those solar panels into a probably an Ameren line and pipe the energy back into Macon county." 

The solar farm would cover 38 acres and be located on land north of Interstate 72 near Oreana. 

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