3 shot outside of grocery store

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Photo from WXIA-TV Photo from WXIA-TV

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (WAND) – A shooting sent three people to the hospital outside of a Kroger grocery store.

Investigators told reporters Friday that a group of people followed a couple in the grocery store and then out to the parking lot in DeKalb County, where there was a gunfire exchange. They said the shooting might have been an attempt at a robbery or carjacking or another crime, but could not give specifics.

WXIA-TV reports the wounded people are in stable condition. There were no deaths. Investigators believe the people who attempted the crime are the ones who were shot, while police took the intended victims in for questioning.

The Kroger is located off Wesley Chapel and South Hariston.

Police had one person detained, but they were not in custody. Officers did not say if the person was a possible shooter.

Video showed crime tape around several rows of the Kroger parking lot as police investigated.  

Investigators say other people in the plaza were “lucky” they weren’t also shot, because the area was so crowded.

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