Farm bill provides food security for kids


Springfield, Ill (WAND) – Debate on a senate version of the farm bill will begin next week.

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, (D) Illinois, feels the bill will have bipartisan support.  He made his comments while visiting the Springfield YMCA which hosts a summer food program for low income kids in partnership with the Central Illinois Foodbank and funded through the USDA.

“Most of these kids need a good meal each day.  Some of them find it.  Others don’t,” Durbin said.  “We’re a caring nation and we care for our kids and this is a program which is designed to care for them during the summer months when many people forget about them.”

An attempt in the House to pass a farm bill recently stalled in a fight over having work requirements for those receiving SNAP, the old food stamp program.

“Here’s a news flash.  There are already work requirements under SNAP,” Durbin stated.  “You can not stay on SNAP for more than three-months without demonstrating an effort to get a job unless you are in a category of people who are exempt.”  Those who are exempt include children, the elderly and disabled.

(Pictured: Senator Dick Durbin talks with children at the Springfield YMCA on June 15, 2018.)

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