I-55 near Springfield buckling due to extreme heat


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Extreme heat caused a portion of northbound I-55 north of Springfield to buckle.

The buckling is at milepost 113 between the exits for Williamsville and Elkhart, 13 miles north of Springfield's Sangamon Ave. exit. IDOT closed the middle and left lanes to make repairs Tuesday morning.

Macon County Engineer Bruce Bird explained what causes pavement, particularly on interstates, to buckle.

"Whenever it gets warm, everything expands. Pavement is no different," Bird said. "Basically, it expands in place when the stress of the expansion gets too high, it finds the weakest point of strength in the pavement, and that's where it buckles up. Typically what will happen is the pavement will just pop and separate, and it pops up enough to relieve the stress." 

Monday's high in Springfield was 94 degrees. Tuesday's forecast calls for a high of 90 with potential thunderstorms.

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