Statistics show crime increases during the summer season


ILLINOIS (WAND) - Statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention show violent crimes - depend on some one's age and time of day. Recently, Danville leaders made the decision to have a curfew all-year-round. The DOJ said crime peaks around 10PM for those who are older than 18-year-old. Those who are younger than 18; crime peaks at three in the afternoon. In one report, crimes like aggravated assault show a spike during the summer season. 

That alone, is why Lieutenant Jamie Belcher said it is important for people to report what happens in their community. Not only that, he said It helps when people get to know their neighbors.

"We can't fight crime unless we know about the crime," Belcher said.

Another study from the University of Chicago, the rate of youth violent crimes drop when there are summer program jobs available to them. The university said violent crime arrests were reduced by 51%. 

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