Shop that supports violence victims seeks AC


MONTICELLO, Ill. (WAND)- Since January, Willow Tree Missions has helped people involved in 36 cases of domestic violence.

The organization supports itself through proceeds from a re-sale shop.

"One of the things that we love about being independently funded through the resale shop like we are is that we're not as restricted as some organizations that get grants or government funding that limits how they can do it,” said Rachel LeJeune, director of operations. “We can get creative."

But the re-sale shop is not air conditioned, and staff shorten their hours on the hottest days.

"The heat this year started relentlessly in the middle of May, and while we can absorb a little loss a few weeks out of the year, we can't absorb a loss three months out of the year," LeJeune said.

To fix the problem, the group is raising money to install an air conditioning system at the shop.

“About $11,000 is what it’s going to cost us to do it, and we’ve already had over $5,000 in donations come in this week just for air conditioning,” LeJeune said.

Information on donating to the project is available through the organization’s website and Facebook page.

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