Voting underway for Most Heartbreaking Moment in IL history


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Voting is underway to choose the most heartbreaking moments in Illinois state history.

It is part of the Illinois Top 200 project, celebrating the state's Bicentennial.

People are asked to vote on categories such as best book, historical figure, tourist destination, and other categories.

Heartbreaking moments that are up for vote include:

  • The Great Chicago Fire
  • The 1968 Chicago Riots
  • The sinking of the Lady Elgin
  • The Chicago heat wave deaths
  • Death in the Mines
  • The Tylenol murders
  • The 1993 Mississippi River Flood
  • American Flight 191
  • Violence in the Coal Fields
  • Herrin Massacre
  • Decade of racial violence
  • Tri-state tornado
  • The 1937 Ohio River flood
  • The Plainfield tornado
  • The S.S. Eastland disaster
  • St. Anthony's Hospital fire
  • Iroquois Theater fire
  • The Chatsworth train wreck
  • Lincoln's assassination

To vote, click HERE.

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