Day 20 of Michael Schmidt's Disappearance

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND) - It's been 20 days since family and friends last saw Michael Schmidt and Missing Person Awareness Network has been searching vigorously for the 59-year-old who went missing on June 10.

According to crews, the Schmidt was last seen with a friend near the 7600 block of Vigal Rd and the friend informed the public that Michael is on a breathing tube and due to his poor health, he cannot speak.

About 25-30 volunteers showed up to the second search and were all separated into 5 groups that morning. Crews began the official search at around 10:45 a.m.

The President of Missing Person Awareness Network says they did go into the pond this morning and had k-9 dogs around the perimeter. As of now, they have not found any additional evidence or clues to his whereabouts.

"We couldn't clear the pond fully because again it was so exhausting and you're literally
taking a machete to these 8 and 20 feet high rods that are you know in the water, that are going through
the water. So you can't imagine that anyone has gone in there so..We just had a trail of 6 people following in there
and literally that's just how deep that is even though it's in the water" she said."

Gia hopes that more volunteers will show up on Sunday and already has plans to continue searching the creek.

"It easy to have a kayak in there. There are some dry spots and some branches and tree's that have gone through. So you may
have to get in and out of there, but it is possible."

Gia is asking if anyone from the public has a sonar to please contact her directly on the Missing Person Awareness Facebook page.

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