The Elijah house: Home of 'Strawberry Parties'


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - History repeated itself on the grounds of the oldest home in Springfield.

The Elijah House was the sources to Clara Irwin's most popular social gatherings. It was so well-known, Former First Lady Mary Lincoln attended one on the White House lawn. Nowadays, it is a Fourth of July tradition that's been around for nearly 20 years. One of the Elijah House board members said it is a tradition he wishes to continue. 

"It makes people remember that Springfield is nearly 200 years old," James Cornelius said, who's with the Elijah House. 

Guest treated themselves to strawberry desserts and drinks, keeping the party memory alive. While it was a festive time to enjoy treats and music, it was a moment for people like Kathryn Harris to reflect on how America came to be and what it meant to her. 

"I am pleased and proud to be a resident of not only Springfield but of the United States of America," Harris said. 

The Elijah House is a museum in Springfield. Before it was home to Clara Irwin, it belonged to Elijah Iles; one of the founder's of the city. 

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