Scammers pose as good Samaritan roofers


EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WAND)- Scammers posing as roofers targeted a couple in rural Effingham County Friday, according to the county sheriff’s office.

The couple told authorities two men stopped at their home and told the couple they could see several holes in the couple’s roof and would repair them for the cost of the materials. The homeowners refused and the men left, according to a news release.

Later in the day, the homeowners answered a knock on the door and, as they answered, saw a man climbing down a ladder as if he had been on the roof. The man at the door told the homeowners they had repaired the roof and demanded $275 for their services.

The homeowner told the men he was calling police and the men left, driving a four-door beige truck. The couple described the man at the door as having blond hair, being 30 to 40 years old and weighing about 160 pounds.

The tactic is common and seeks to guilt or coerce people into giving them money, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Authorities recommend that people with family members living alone or in remote areas talk to them about such tactics.

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