Toughest Holes Episode 1: Hickory Point


Welcome to Season Two of Toughest Holes! Every Wednesday this summer, WAND's Gordon Voit tackles the most challenging golf holes in Central Illinois. Episode 1 finds him at Hickory Point in Decatur, where 15 is a Par 5 with distance, obstacles and dog legs.

Episode 1: Hickory Point (Decatur)
- Pro: Andy Potts
- Hole 15
- Par 5
- 551 yards (blue), 540 (white), 460 (yellow), 455 (red, green)
- Challenges: length, a dog leg, a large tree that blocks the fairway, crossing a creek twice, tree hazards
- Score: 10 (+5)

Episode 1: Hickory Point
Episode 2: Country Club of Decatur (7/18)

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