State to kick in funds for development of Eagle Creek Resort


SHELBYVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - The state is now kicking in funds to develop Eagle Creek Resort in hopes more bids will be submitted. 

State Senator Chapin Rose announced the Illinois Department of Natural Resources will offer half a million dollars for any infrastructure changes made at the resort. Those may include but not be limited to elements such as: deconstruction, demolition, construction or reconstruction of pedestrian walkways, parking, roadways, buildings, outdoor pavilions, outdoor visitor areas; docking, marina, and mooring systems; hardscape and landscape elements.  Any improvements must confer long-term benefits to the site, and will require review and approval by the Department.

Only one bid was submitted at the last auction in May. 

Eagle Creek was a 138-bed resort and conference center.  A judge ordered the resort closed in the summer of 2009 because of a mold problem.  It has been closed ever since costing Shelby and Moultrie Counties valuable sales tax dollars.

A previous potential developer from Decatur walked away from the project after getting in a legal fight with the state.

The opening bid date for the resort is set for Aug. 16. For more, click here. 

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