Chuck E. Cheese offers pay your age for 30 minutes of games


(WAND) - Chuck E. Cheese is throwing some shade at Build-A-Bear's recent "Pay Your Age Day" campaign.

Build-A-Bear was offering to let people purchase stuffed animals for as little as $1 based on children's ages on July 12. But the event got shut down due to safety concerns over crowd sizes.

Thousands lined up with people waiting upwards of seven hours for discounted toys.

Now, Chuck E. Cheese is inviting people to come Friday, July 13 for 30 minutes of All You Can Play.

It is the same concept. You will pay your child's age for 30 minutes of game time. That means if you have a 5-year-old, you will get that play time for $5. No one will have to pay more than $9 for the 30 minutes.

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