Local woman preparing for an impressive runner's feat


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Dr. Mary Cole is preparing to cross the finish line. She is a dentist by day and a runner by night. 

Cole has run marathons in all states - except one. In just two weeks she will conquer all 50 states after completing her last in Juno, Ala. 

A full marathon is 26.2 miles, and Cole says running them is pretty unique.

"There's few women that have actually done(this)," Cole says. "Less than 500 women have completed all 50 states."

Cole started running marathons at age 42. At 45, she has completed her goal in three years. 

"I thought I would have finished before 50," Cole says. "I got a little impatient, and I started to run one every weekend or seven days in a row."

According to Cole, she has even run marathons with injuries. 

"I broke my femur and I broke my tibia," Cole says." I've ran three miles on a broken femur."

Cole says she started this journey because she wanted to see the world and travel. 

"I get the running endorphins after three miles," Cole says. When I set a goal, I do it."

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