Decatur Celebration attracts new vendors


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- Organizers of Decatur Celebration say they have been working to bring new vendors for this year’s festival.

“We’ve been to events in St. Louis, all around Illinois, even to Nashville to recruit vendors, commercial vendors and arts-and-crafts vendors,” said producer/director Lori Sturgill in July.

One first-time vendor is Barbara Smith, who sells jewelry at festivals and at a shop in St. Louis.

“I have a lot of customers in the Springfield area who’ve come down to see me,” Smith said. “They’re excited that I’m close to home and they don’t have to drive three hours to come down and see me.”

Star Brown also sells homemade jewelry and other products through Quite an Impression Boutique in Central Illinois.

“Usually we’re just patrons (of Decatur Celebration), but we figured it would be a great opportunity to come out and not only see people but show them what we have to offer.”

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