Dog from viral animal abuse video getting new home


DEWITT COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - A Husky dog that was shown being abused in a video that went viral will soon have a new home.

DeWitt County Sheriff's Detectives said the dog was located in good health Wednesday.

Detectives transferred the dog to an animal adoption agency to make sure it would be moved to a good home.

A video posted to social media showed a woman pushing the dog into the ground, holding it by its neck and mouth, yelling at it, and shoving it into a kennel. The video has since been deleted from social media.

Sheriff Jered Shofner said "The future of this animal will now be in the hands of an independent, reputable animal adoption agency that will place him in the right home. For the privacy of his new family, we are keeping the location of the adoption agency quiet for now."

The sheriff's office and the DeWitt County State's Attorney's Office are investigating and determining any potential charges that could be pressed against the dog's former owner.

Detectives posted their thanks to the hundreds of people that volunteered to care for the dog.

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