Danville mayor position could become part-time, but pay still full-time


DANVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - The Danville mayor's position may become a part time position, but it would still offer a salary of $73,000. 

The News Gazette reports that would happen if the the city's aldermen do not pass a resolution by October that would set a lesser salary for a part-time mayor and a higher salary for a full-time mayor.

The Moving Danville Forward committee is pushing to change Danville's current mayor-alderman form of government to a city-manager form.

Residents will vote on whether to institute a city manager form in a Nov. 6 referendum. If that passes, a public administrator would run the daily operations of the city. The mayor would become a part-time position that leads council meetings.

The current mayor, Mayor Scott Eisenhauer, makes $73,000 a year working full time.

State law requires aldermen set the salary of the next mayor 180 days before the new person would take office.

If they do not make a decision in time, the next mayor would make $73,000 a year, regardless of whether their position ends up being part time or not.

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