Governor Rauner brings hundreds of state jobs back to central Illinois


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a new bill promising to bring state jobs back to the capitol.

The bill declares Sangamon County as the default location of many state jobs, unless there is a specific reason the job needs another location. 

With the governor's signature, almost 400 state jobs are returning to Springfield. 

"It's good for taxpayers, it's good for economic development around the state, and this bill is a good step in the right direction," Rauner says.  

State representative Sara Wojcicki-Jimenez pushed this new law to go through. She says this is a big deal for Sangamon County. 

"It's been a common complaint for many years," Wojcicki-Jimenez says."Sangamon County has been losing jobs for quite some time."

The bill is active effective immediately. According to Rauner, this law applies to only newly-created or filled positions. 

"We'll evaluate each position and decide whether it can most efficiently be done in Springfield, or why there's a good reason it can't be," Rauner said,

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