Man who trespassed in home pleads guilty

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Mark Davis, 49 Mark Davis, 49

URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – A man who broke into a home admitted to criminal trespassing.

The News-Gazette reports 49-year-old Mark Davis pleaded guilty in court Thursday to entering a man’s apartment after 11 a.m. on July 14, 2016.  Prosecutors say the victim, living in the 1100 block of Arbor Street in Champaign at the time, looked through the peephole after hearing a knock at the door and didn’t see anyone outside. He then found Davis in his living room.

The court dropped a charge accusing him of involvement in a July 23, 2016 break-in.

The newspaper says Davis spent two years in custody after Judge Heidi Ladd declared him unfit to stand trial in March 2017 for mental health reasons. After receiving treatment, he represented himself in court, but Judge Ladd decided to appoint a lawyer for him when questions about his fitness surfaced.

Davis’ lawyer had him looked at again by a psychiatrist, who declared him mentally fit in June.

Davis will serve a year of probation and was credited for spending over two years in custody. His sentence included 180 days behind bars.

The paper says he has six prior convictions on his record, including four for burglary, another for residential burglary and a final one for theft.  

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