Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site teaches 19th century dye techniques

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LERNA, Ill. (WAND) - Members of the public will have a chance to learn how to dye materials 19th Century style at the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site in Lerna, Illinois.
During the Aug. 25 workshop, instructors will show participants the process for dyeing fabric in the tradition of the frontier. They will use materials available at the time such as flowers and bark.
Each participant will have the skills needed to dye a scarf before the lesson is over. 
The workshop cost is $35 for all materials and refreshments. Registration is required because of limited space.
The program is sponsored by the Lincoln Log Cabin Foundation. The site is part of the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area . It was the last home of Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln. They were the father and stepfather of the future president.

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