Death weeks after stabbing ruled homicide


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- The death of a man weeks after he was stabbed has been ruled a homicide.

On May 24, Robert Randall, 61, confronted a live-in in-law while armed with two knives, a Decatur Police detective told a coroner’s jury Wednesday. Randall hit the in-law with the knives, and the in-law got hold of one knife and hit Randall with it, the detective told the jury.

Both men were taken to a hospital. Randall had stab wounds to his torso that were life-threatening, never regained consciousness and was kept on life support, the detective said. The other man had wounds that were not life threatening.

Randall died at a nursing home June 19, Coroner Michael Day told the jury. An autopsy found Randall died of bronchopnumonia and sepsis as a consequence of hypoxic ischemic hypoxia as a result of stab wounds to the abdomen and chest, Day said.

The jury ruled the death a homicide but added a note that it was “potentially by means of self-defense.”

No one has been arrested in the matter, and it is under review by the Macon County State’s Attorney, the detective told the jury.

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