Aware App to help people navigate downtown Springfield


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - A new app will help people explore downtown Springfield.

The Aware App is an audible wayfinding app that gives turn-by-turn directions to downtown destinations.

The city of Springfield has commissioned Sensible Innovations to install wireless beacons on downtown streets so that people can use the app.

The directions more specific than typical navigational apps which are geared more towards drivers than walkers.

The app will especially help the blind navigate downtown, giving them details about roads, intersections, and buildings around them.

The city signed a $49,500 contract with Sensible Innovations to buy and install 244 iBeacons along parts of Jefferson, Fifth, Edwards and Seventh streets.

Sensible Innovations is owned by Springfield resident Rasha Said. Said created the app to help her blind son.

Said's team is currently setting up the iBeacons, which are small orange squares put on light poles. They will send signals to devices.

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