New iPhone series can improve or challenge a photographer


DECATUR, IL (WAND) - Having a cell phone nowadays means anyone can call themselves a photographer. Teran Stephenson, a self-taught family photographer in Decatur, said the camera doesn't give a person the title. It's how they work it. She said it took her years to hone her skills, while picking up a few tricks along the way. 

"My favorite thing to shoot is in sun sets and golden lights," Stephenson said. "[I] Love that hour of light." 

Getting the perfect shot can require some expensive gear. For Stephenson, she'd spent up to $3,000 for her camera and collection of lenses. Apple's new product can compete with that for less than a thousand. The upcoming iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are enhancing mobile photography. One of its new features can let the person control the f-stop. Something Stephenson would want with her gear. 

"I have to use this to my benefit," Stephenson said. 

Having a fancy camera or the latest iPhone is nice. To Stephenson, what makes a photographer - a photographer is the experience they share with a client. 

"I need to manipulate my camera and my lens to create that look, rather than slapping out my iPhone and creating a quick shot," Stephenson said. 

The new iPhone will be up for per-order Friday. Then it's up for purchase on the 21st. 

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