Prosecutors respond to motions in Christensen case

Brendt Christensen, 28 Brendt Christensen, 28

URBANA, Ill. (WAND)- Federal prosecutors Friday filed responses to several motions by accused kidnapper Brendt Christensen.

In one motion, Christensen’s defense requested that prosecutors specify what evidence they would use to prove aggravating factors and specific evidence involving Christensen’s cell phone.

In their response, prosecutors wrote they had already provided “witness statements and other discovery in excess of its legal obligations” and “also tendered work-product in certain areas to assist the defendant.” In once case, prosecutors provided the defendant with a color-coded timeline and chart showing how the defendant used various electronic devices.

Christensen’s defense had also filed motions to strike prosecutors’ notice of intent to seek the death penalty, arguing that the death penalty would be unconstitutional as applied in Christensen’s case and in general because it violates the Eight Amendment.

In responses filed Friday, prosecutors argued that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that capital punishment is constitutional and that federal courts have consistently rejected arguments that the death penalty would be unconstitutional as applied in cases.

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