Stem Cell and Laser Center of IL opens in Decatur

Photo: NBC 5 Photo: NBC 5

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A new office called the Stem Cell and Laser Center of IL will provide live stem cell injections to peripheral joints.

The treatment can be used for knee pain, shoulder pain, foot, ankle, pain, plantar fascitis, elbow and wrist pain. 

Dr. Richard Lohr, a chiropractor at Disc Centers of America explains; "Our spinal decompression practice treats spinal conditions and we found ourselves referring many cases of knee and shoulder pain/tears out to other specialists.  We wanted a safe, effective more natural, up to date option for our patients with chronic pain in their extremities.  This is the practice of Regenerative Medicine.  Stem cells can actually differentiate into muscle, bone, cartilage and nerve cells. The body actually regenerates, regrows and replaces cartilage in degenerative joints.  We either harvest your own live stem cells easily and painlessly from your own tissues right here in the office or we obtain them from amniotic membranes of a placenta from a mother who was carefully screened using FDA protocols.  We do not obtain stem cells from embryo or fetal cells.We can now combine these stem cell injections with a cold or healing laser that has been proven to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in the body.  We use the exact same laser that is used in all of The Cancer Treatment Centers of America across the entire United States."

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