Apple season a hit or miss this fall


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) -- It's October and it doesn't yet feel like fall for many people in central Illinois, especially for the owners of Curtis Orchard.

"When it was in the 90s, it just felt so (much like) summer that people weren't thinking orchards quite as much," said co-owner Randy Graham.

For his farm, this meant he might have to worry about his crop, but he says the heat has been a blessing in disguise.

"The crop production was really good. We've seen good size in most varieties of fruits. We have a couple of varieties that are little on the smaller side for an unknown reason. In general, they've been large, pretty good quality and pretty good volume on the trees as well," said Graham.

He says with the heat, he's had larger bushes and more apples blossoming. For him, this is good business. Though business started somewhat slow at the beginning of September, it's starting to pick up.

Last year, Curtis Orchard managed to sell out faster than the previous year and now that they're catching up, he's positive his business will increase.

"We will pick up until we have the first hard freeze as long as we still have apples on our trees," said Graham.

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