Police: Man threatened to 'blow up' police station

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Joseph Williams, 20 Joseph Williams, 20

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A man threatened to blow up police stations in Decatur while talking to a mental health case worker, police say.

Decatur man Joseph Williams, 20, is the suspect. Officers say he made the comment on or near March 2 while behind bars at the Menard Correctional Center. He’s accused of saying the following, according to a sworn statement:

“When I get out in September of this year, I am going to go around the Decatur area and blow up all of the police stations. I am going to look up how to make a bomb and I am going to kill them all. They are going to worship me and celebrate me for Black History Month.”

The statement says Decatur police and Illinois Department of Corrections Commander Kevin Verble were made aware of the comment.

Saline County deputies arrested Williams following his parole release from the Menard Correctional Center on Sept. 28. He’s accused of attacking a correctional staff member at a Harrisburg facility in 2016 and faces a felony assault charge.

He was out on parole after a Macon County conviction for an armed robbery.

He then came back to Decatur on Oct. 1 before its officers arrested him on Oct. 5. Decatur police say Williams didn’t remember making the statement when they questioned him about it.

Williams is charged with falsely making a terrorist threat. He is behind bars in Macon County with bond at $100,000.

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