Police: Argument over pitbull turned violent

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Brandi Diggs, 21 Brandi Diggs, 21

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – An argument turned violent as people argued over whether a pitbull killed a cat, police say.

Officers say the fight happened on Oct. 5, when a neighbor came to a man’s North Charles Street home and asked to borrow a shovel so she could bury a dead cat she found. He then became angry and told Brandi Diggs, 21, to “get that dog under control” and accused the dog of killing his cat, according to a sworn statement.

Police say the argument became heated when Diggs’ friend joined the fight in favor of the dog, while the man’s daughter pointed out that she believed it was dangerous. The statement says Diggs' friend went into a house and came back with a knife, then ran at the daughter and started swinging it at her while making threats. Officers say the woman then bit the man when he pulled her back to stop a stabbing from happening, leading to the two of them falling to the ground.

Diggs is accused of then getting on the man’s back and punching him in the head moments before his son pulled her off. Police say Diggs then said a statement close to “I know so many people that will shoot up your house”.

Officers say they’re still looking for the woman who made threats with a knife.

Diggs is behind bars with a $5,000 bond in Macon County. She is facing an aggravated battery charge.

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