Where and how to vote in Illinois

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - The last day to register to vote by mail in Illinois was Oct. 9, but there is still time and options.

Starting on Oct. 10, one can register to vote in person. The Illinois Board of Elections said a voter can visit their local clerk's office, township office or public library. Each person must be sure to have a driver's license on their person with proof of residency. 

Voters also have until Oct. 21 to register online. Before casting a ballot, central Illinoisans expressed how it is dire to understand the candidates. David Housh said voting is the future. 

"You can make a difference," Housh said. "There's not one person's vote that doesn't matter." 

Statistics from the Southern Illinois University's Simon Poll say J.B. Pritzker lead the polls by 49 percent. Governor Bruce Rauner trails behind by 22 percent. Kash Jackson and Sam McCann both have four percent. Simon Poll studies also showcased that voters are more enthusiastic to cast their ballot. The Macon County Clerk mentioned a good turnout in early voting. 

Regardless of who one votes for, people in central Illinois said it is important to exercise the right to vote. 

Nov. 5 is the last day for early voting. 

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