Deputies: Teen falls off cliff after drinking at party


VERMILION COUNTY, Ind. (WAND) - Two kids were injured and 13 arrested after a party near St. Bernice in Indiana.

A girl fell 60 feet down an embankment and was injured, and another girl broke her ankle while running from deputies who responded to the party at the top of a hill. 

Deputies stopped two suspicious vehicles around 1 a.m. at an intersection of Lake Rd. and S. Bud Dr., just south of St. Bernice.

Officials said the driver of the first vehicle had a suspended license, and the license plates on the second vehicle were expired.

Deputies said the drivers were both trying to locate a party.

After the traffic stop, a deputy began looking into the location of the party and found more vehicles parked in the middle of the road south on Bud Ln.

While trying to get people to move their vehicles, the deputy learned a juvenile female was holding onto the edge of a cliff.

He and his partner started searching for the girl.

When they got to the hill where the party was, party-goers tried to run. However, after they learned there was someone in danger, many came back to help.

Officers found the girl had fallen 60 feet down an embankment and came to rest against a tree. They got to her and gave first aid until help arrived.

A second victim, a girl, broke her ankle while trying to run from deputies. She was taken to Union Hospital of Clinton, treated, and released.

Party-goers told officers the first girl who fell off the cliff had been drinking. They said she fell about 30 minutes before deputies got there.

Officers said many had left the injured girl there without seeking help.

The girl was flown by helicopter to Methodist Hospital with alcohol poisoning and injuries sustained from the fall.

13 people were arrested as a result of the party.

More than 40 breath tests were given.

The investigation in ongoing.

Please contact the Vermillion County Sheriff's Office if you know who provided the alcohol.

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