Black Barts Pumpkin Patch says weather won't impact business

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WARRENSBURG, Ill. (WAND) - Pumpkin patches across Illinois have felt the effects of the seasonal erratic weather, but local pumpkin patches are still doing well.

The weather is always unpredictable across Illinois and this week has stayed true to that. September saw multiple heat waves, followed by snow, but many locals are saying Saturday feels like the first true Fall day.

Black Barts Pumpkin Patch owner Joel Johner says a couple of his pumpkins have gone bad due to the rain and heat, but the business is good. Another heat wave could come, or pouring rain would do damage but enough to impact the business. Johner says: "A lot of the ones (pumpkins) that we have are already grown, if they're still on the vine they will pick up a little more moisture and a lot of the smaller pumpkins will start to split because of the extra water,"

This year, Johner says he decided to bring some additional amenities to bring people into the spirit of fall. "We now have a bouncy area, a lot of smaller games, we got a new grey bin playground area and just a few smaller games in to help entertain the kid,"

Many community members say that this cold weather isn't stopping their annual tradition.

"I feel like today is the perfect fall weather, I don't really like the idea of coming to the pumpkin patch when it's hot, because that's not fall," Sarah Wamser.

Johner says business has been as busy as last year and thinks he will experience the same results as last year.

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