State board releases revamped school report cards


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND)- The Illinois State Board of Education Wednesday released report cards for schools under a new, more comprehensive system.

In years past, report cards relied heavily on data from standardized testing.

“The focus was pretty narrow, and the focus was primarily on proficiency: are students meeting pre-determined standards?” said acting Chief Education Officer Ralph Grimm. “With this report card, we’re able to show so much more to the community to really give a complete picture of all the things that are happening in a school building.”

The new report cards include information on factors like chronic absenteeism and growth. Schools earn one of four designations: exemplary, commendable, under-performing or lowest performing.

“It’s a chance for school districts and school buildings to tell their good news stories,” Grimm said. “What we really are trying to do is highlight those schools that have a student group that’s not meeting standards, so we can drive resources to those schools to help students achieve at a high level.”

To search for individual schools’ report cards, click here.

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