Candidate for state representative worried about voter fraud


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A candidate for Illinois State Representative said he’s worried about a case of voter fraud in Macon County.

Dan Caulkins says he’s heard of two incidents from friends voting at the Forsyth Library location on election day. The friend told the candidate they tried to vote electronically.

“They put the strip in four times and each time it flipped his vote from Republican to Democrat. They had to go get paper ballot,” Caulkins said.

Caulkins said the other issues he was told about were a few who went to vote had the back of their paper ballot already filled and it was filled in for Democrat.

WAND-TV called Macon County Clerk Steve Bean who said he wasn’t aware of the claims and had not heard anything about these claims until we reached out.

WAND-TV will continue to investigate these claims.

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