Group again not giving out Thanksgiving baskets

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) -- Restoration Urban Ministries will not be distributing Thankgiving food baskets for the second year.

Executive Director Ervin Williams says it has a lot to do with funds and he's also seen an increase in groups helping out during Thanksgiving.

"The biggest reason why we're backing away from it is because in years past, there wasn't a lot of groups that were providing Thanksgiving baskets," he said. "Over the last five years, we've had groups and churches around the community preparing dinners and handing out food that people can take home and prepare."

Williams says this gives the group an opportunity to look for other needs.

"Housing is becoming a greater issue," he added. "I know the economy has improved but we still have a lot of people struggling who are just trying to get the basic needs met--and looking for employment."

Restoration Urban Ministries says funds have been decreasing in the last few years.

"We need about $700,000 a year and right now we're just a little lower than $500,000," Williams said.

The group is asking for donations and looking for alternative ways to carry it up until spring.

For more information, please contact Restoration Ministries at (217) 355-2662.

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