Medicare application help available in Champaign County

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) -- Medicare applications will soon be due and Carle has all the information people need.

"One time of the year between Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, people get to make changes to their Medicare plans and take a look at what has changed for the year," said Community Outreach Manager of Health Alliance Terra Mullins.

New changes have been made by the Health Alliance Perspective, such as doctors in the network and prescription coverages.

"Every year, from year to year, something can change in a plan," Mullins said. We encourage people to get comfortable to see what is different and make sure they get the services they need. Medicare Advantage plan puts plan A (hospital coverage), plan B (outpatient services) and then your prescription package into one package. It also allows some extra perks above and beyond that from what you would get with original Medicare. It's really important that people take a look to see what's out there."

For help filling out the application, a person can go to the Health Alliance Connection location directly, look for help online or be assisted on the phone.

The Health Alliance Connection address is 3301 Fields Drive South in Champaign. The location can be found right across the street from the larger Carle/Health Alliance administrative building.

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