UI wants to accommodate more voters for future elections


URBANA, Ill. (WAND) - The University of Illinois had an issues this Election Day... a great one, lots of voter turnout.

However, Chancellor Robert Jones wants to work to better accommodate the big turnout for future elections.

Huge turnout resulted in wait times of 90 minutes or longer at some polling places, the News Gazette reports.

A second room was even opened to help handle the influx of voters.

Now, students and administrators are working to find ways to prevent the long wait times for the 2020 presidential election year.

City of Champaign 2, which votes at the Hillel Center on campus, saw a massive 75 percent turnout.

Two precincts that vote at the University YMCA on Wright Street posted turnouts of 81 and 65 percent.

Illinois Student Government leaders Walter Lindwall and Alice Zheng called the turnout "astonishing."

Now, UI is exploring changes like extending early-voting hours to the weekend before the election, when students don't have to go to class.

Other options include opening up additional rooms for voting.

Overall, there was an increase of more than 25,000 voters.

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