New Mt. Pulaski HS to be safer, more accessible

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MOUNT PULASKI, Ill. (WAND)- Work on a new Mount Pulaski High School building could begin by the end of the current school year, administrators said.

Voters Tuesday approved a $10 million referendum to replace the school’s century-old building and upgrade newer buildings at the school.

“I was super excited,” said principal Terry Morgan. “It’s a long time coming. Our staff, our community’s put a lot of work into this.”

Morgan said the new building will be more accessible and more secure.

“(It will have) a safer office complex, where students have to be buzzed in … sight lines and being able to evacuate the building if we need to,” Morgan said.

Biology and anatomy teacher Michele Clark said the current building has rooms that are not used because of safety concerns.

“Having updated areas that any student can be in and out of is a good thing,” Clark said. “There are areas of the building that kids in wheelchairs can’t get to now. So they’ll be able to get anywhere in the building.”

Morgan said administrators are still planning the project with architects. He said some classes may meet in portable buildings during the year-long construction.

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